Bruce Blaine, Ph.D., PStat®


Director, Statistics Program



Applied statistician

Research and statistical consultant

Teaching: Undergraduate and graduate courses in applied statistics and quantitative research methods.

Research/academic interests: Meta-analysis, statistical inference, effect size and estimation statistics, quantitative research methods in psychology and the social sciences, quantitative program evaluation, teaching statistics, statistical consulting.



Recent publications/presentations

Blaine, B. (2012). On teaching statistical inference: What do p values (not) mean? Paper presented at the 1st Biennial Electronic Conference on Teaching Statistics (eCOTS).

Reed, D., Blaine, B., & Patterson, J. (2011, September). Resilient Women Leaders in Turbulent Times:  Applying the Leader Resilience Profile to Assess Women’s Leadership Strengths. Paper presented at 3rd International Women Leading Education Across the Continents Conference, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece.

Blaine, B., Brown, E., & Panagiotatos, S. (2011, March). Effectiveness of commercial weight loss programs: A meta-analytic review. Poster presented at the 2011 meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, Cambridge, MA.

Blaine, B., Hodge, T., Kinney, A., Smith, F., Tierson, I., & Tyo, J. (2010, March). Effectiveness of Weight Watchers for weight loss: A meta-analytic review. In B. Blaine (Chair), The pursuit of thinness:  Internalization of cultural ideals, body dissatisfaction, and obesity stigma. Symposium conducted at the 2010 meeting of the Eastern Psychological Association, New York, NY.

Blaine, B. (2009). Obesity, binge eating, and psychological distress: The moderating role of self-concept disturbance. Current Psychiatry Reviews, 5, 175-181.

Blaine, B. (2008). Does depression cause obesity?: A meta-analysis of longitudinal studies of depression and weight control. Journal of Health Psychology, 13(8), 1062-1069.

Blaine, B., Rodman, J., & Newman, J. (2007). Weight loss treatment and psychological well-being: A meta-analysis and review. Journal of Health Psychology, 12, 66-82.