Class Schedule

The instructor reserves the right to get slightly ahead (or behind) on the above schedule.
Class critiques of student work will be included.

Tuesday, January 15
Introductions; Syllabus
Rheingold: Intro

Thursday, January 17 Personal Branding Your Facebook Profile: (type "facebook report")
Creating Your Identity on LinkedIn, Google/Google Docs, Twitter and with

"The Brand Called You" by Tom Peters in Fast Company;
"The People Formerly Known as the Audience" by Jay Rosen
Mansfield: Chapter 2 and 6

Tuesday, January 22
The Service Learning Project: What is service learning?  How can we fund raise using social media?
The Groundswell
Social Technographic Profile

Mansfield: Chapter 1
"The Social Technographics Profile" by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff (Blackboard) from Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies
LinkedIn due
Thursday, January 24
Guest Speaker: Wendi Sierra of North Carolina State University

Tuesday, January 29
YouTube, Downloading Video
Rheingold: Chapter 1
Mansfield: Chapter 5 (pp. 115-125)
"The Myth of Monotasking" by Cathy Davidson (podcast)
"Participating in the Always-on Lifestyle" by danah boyd (Blackboard) from The Social Media Reader

Thursday, January 31
Newsle, Blogging with Wordpress and Tumblr
Mansfield: Chapter 7
Rheingold: Chapter 2

Service Learning Plan
Tuesday, February 5
Facebook/Facebook Pages/Facebook Events/Facebook Analytics//Pinterest Rheingold: Chapter 3
Mansfield: Chapter 3

Thursday, February 7
Twitter Mansfield: Chapter 4
Rheingold: Chapter 5
Wordpress Blog Framework due
Tuesday, February 12
Foursquare, Meetup, Kickstarter, Kiva; QR Codes
Mansfield: Chapter 9

Thursday, February 14
Yelp, Groupon, Living Social, Amazon; Weebly
Weebly Exercise
Mansfield: Chapter 11
Tuesday, February 19
Wikipedia; Google+; 'Excellent' Powerpoint; Service Learning Check-in

Rheingold: Chapter 4
Mansfield: Chapter 10

Thursday, February 21
Creative Commons; Remixes; Introduction to Digital Storytelling with video examples
"REMIX: How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law" by Lawrence Lessig Social Media Strategy Paper
Tuesday, February 26
Flickr and digital editing, Instagram, and Smart Phone Photography
Mansfield: Chapter 5 (pp. 126-136)

Thursday, February 28
Service Learning Presentations

Service Learning Projects
Tuesday, March 12
Vocal Performance and Scripting
Rheingold: Chapter 6 (239-244)
Thursday, March 14
Scripting and Narrative Structure;
Lambert: Chapter 1-3 (Entire Lambert PDF on Blackboard)

Monday, March 18
David Lester Lecture (7:00-8:30): Required

Tuesday, March 19 Video Editing with iMovie

Thursday, March 21
Multimedia Story Lab

Tuesday, March 26

Lambert: Chapter 4; "Shooting", "Editing"; "Directing the Interview" (on Blackboard) Multimedia Story or remix due
Tuesday, April 2
Introduction to App Inventor; "Situated Software" by Clay Shirky; "App Inventor and the Culture Wars" by Mike Loukides; "Coding for the Masses" by Clive Thompson; "Mobile Ramblings" by Hal Abelson
Thursday, April 4
App Inventor Demo: Shuttle Invaders

Tuesday, April 9
App Inventor Demo: Finish Shuttle Invaders +  tutorials (Magic 8 Ball, Paint Pot, Pong)

Thursday, April 11
App Inventor: Orientation Sensor + E-mailing, texting + Stocks; Review Assignment
App Inventor Textbook
Video Profile due
Tuesday, April 16
5 Videos+ App Lab

Thursday, April 18
5 Videos + App Lab

Group Blogging Project due
Tuesday, April 23
Evaluations + Lab time.

Thursday, April 25
Lab time. 

Thursday, May 2
App Presentations at 9am.  [Also, Prof. Sarachan will be in his office on Tuesday, April 30 from 9am-12:30pm and Wednesday, May 1 from 11am-2pm.]

Mobile App due