Class Schedule

The instructor reserves the right to get slightly ahead (or behind) on the above schedule.
Class critiques will be included.

Monday, January 14
Introductions.  Syllabus.

Wednesday, January 16
Foundations of New Media

Friday, January 18
Foundations of New Media
  • Reading: Miller (Chapter 1)

Monday, January 21
Economics of Digital Media
Wednesday, January 23
Economics of Digital Media
Thursday, January 24
GeVa at 5:45.
  • GeVa at 5:45.   Done at 9:00.

Friday, January 25
Economics of Digital Media
Monday, January 28
Internet Memes
Wednesday, January 30
Internet Memes
Friday, February 1
Digital Identity and Virtual Worlds
  • Introduction to Wordpress
  • Reading: Miller (Chapter 7)

Monday, February 4
Digital Identity and Virtual Worlds
Wednesday, February 6
Digital Identity and Virtual Worlds "The New Media Economics Solution" due
Friday, February 8
The Digital Divide, Race and Class
Monday, February 11
The Digital Divide, Race and Class
  • Reading: To the White Extreme: Conquering Athletic Space, White Manhood, and Racing Virtual Reality by David Leonard  in The New Media and Cybercultures Anthology (2005)  [Blackboard] Robert Barlow
  • Discuss the Storify assignment

Wednesday, February 13

  • Internet Meme project peer review and distribution
Internet Meme Assignment due
Friday, February 15
Social Media, Networks and Revolutions
Monday, February 18
Social Media, Networks and Revolutions

Wednesday, February 20
Social Media, Networks and Revolutions
  • Reading: Miller (Chapter 8)
  • Critique Storify Presentations
Storify Presentations due
Friday, February 22
Privacy and Surveillance
  • Reading: Miller (Chapter 5)
  • Reading: Whose Life Is It, Anyway? by Ki Mae Heussner in Adweek (2012)
  • Discuss paper/Google Docs

Monday, February 25
Privacy and Surveillance
  • Reading: Is Facebook Trying to Kill Privacy? by Ben Parr in Mashable (2011)
  • Reading: Facebook, Surveillance, and Power by Waddick Doyle and Matthew Fraser in Facebook and Philosophy (2010) [Blackboard] Stephanie Mulhair
Wednesday, February 27
Information Politics and Warfare
  • Reading: Miller (Chapter 6)
  • Paper Topic Discussion
Friday, March 1
Information Politics and Warfare
Monday, March 11
Physical Computing

Wednesday, March 13
Cyborgs and the Body Term paper proposal due
Friday, March 15
Books and Research Groups:
Meet in Library 305
  • Take-home Midterm distributed

Monday, March 18 No class
  • Go to the lecture tonight at 7:00 (David Lester of the University of California at Berkeley).
Take-home Midterm due
Wednesday, March 20
Cyborgs and the Body

  • Go to see "Connected" tonight at 7:00.
  • Movie in class: Transcendent Man

Friday, March 22
Cyborgs and the Body
  • Movie in class: Transcendent Man
  • Finish AI discussion
Monday, March 25
Convergence and Interactivity

Wednesday, April 3 Workshop Papers
  • Review Wordpress Interface
Drafts due
Friday, April 5
Workshop Papers

Monday, April 8
Workshop Papers
Peer reviews due
Wednesday, April 10
Video Game: Platforms and Interfaces
Friday, April 12
Video Games: Social Gaming
Monday, April 15
Video Game: Hidden Advantages
Wednesday, April 17
Education and Learning Technologies
Friday, April 19

Guest Speaker: Mark J Bowers · Associate Manager Digital Analytics at ESPN Inc.

Monday, April 22
Technological Warnings
Papers due
Wednesday, April 24

Conclusions. Evaluations.
Friday, April 26
No class

Exam Period

Video Games in Education Presentations