Who will hire a math major?

Honestly, many companies are looking for math majors. Some careers in mathematics include actuary, statistical analysis, quality control for industry, banking, and education. Employers often seek math majors, even for careers which don't directly pertain to math, do to the logical thinking and numerical literacy required. As evidence to this, consider this list of companies who have hired SJFC Math and Computing Science alumni.


SJFC Career Services

Saint John Fisher College's Career Services office does a wonderful job of illustrating destinations that one can reach with a math major. One sheet of particular importance on this page is titled What can I do with a major in Mathematics? (.pdf) Look over this sheet to see if there is a career which is appealing to you.

101 Careers in Mathematics

The book 101 Careers in Mathematics , edited by Andrew Sterett, is a collection of short essays written by people with various occupations. The essays give a brief account of how math got them where they are, as well as how they use math on the job. A copy of this book is available at the Lavery Library, or you can borrow a copy from me in my office.

Online resources

A number of online resources detail various careers in mathematics, inlcuding a site of the American Mathematical Society, The Mathematical Association of America, The Association for Women in Mathematics, and a site sponsored by Purdue Univerisity.

Revised 29 August 2011