Melissa Ghera, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology


Pioch 103K     St. John Fisher College     3690 East Avenue         Rochester, NY   14618   

Phone: (585) 385-8011     Fax:  (585) 385-7311     Email: _________________________________________________________________________________________

Education:    Ph.D.  Human Development.  University of Maryland, College Park, 2007

                     M.A.   Psychology.  Concordia University Chicago, 2000

                     B.A.   Psychology & Exercise Science.  Concordia University Chicago, 1999


Curriculum Vitae


Research Interests: Family functioning in dual-earner families; Childcare, parenting behavior and
                                child temperament in the investigation of child socio-emotional development.


Courses Taught:        PSYC 100     Introduction to Psychology
                                  PSYC 227C  Child & Adolescent Development
                                  PSYC 327     Developmental Lab
                                  PSYC 408     Seminar:  Parenting



Ghera, M.M., Marshall, P.J., Fox, N.A., Zeanah, C.H., Nelson, C.A., Smyke,   A.T.,& Guthrie, D. (2009). The effects of foster care intervention on socially deprived institutionalized children's attention and positive affect: Results from the BEIP study.  Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, 50, 246-253.

DiPietro, J.A., Ghera, M.M., & Costigan, K.A. (2008). Prenatal origins of temperamental reactivity.  Early Human Development,84,569-575.

Hane, A.A., Fox, N.A., Polak-Toste, C., Ghera, M.M., & Guner, B. (2006). The role of mother-infant home-based interactive affect in the relation between maternal report and observer ratings of infant temperament.  Developmental Psychology, 42, 1077-1088.

Ghera, M.M., Hane, A.A., Malesa, E.E., & Fox, N.A. (2006). The role of infant soothability in the relation between infant negativity and maternal sensitivity. Infant Behavior & Development, 29, 289-293.

Fox, N.A., Henderson, H.A., Marshall, P., Nichols, K.E., & Ghera, M.M. (2005). Behavioral Inhibition.  In A. Kadzin (Ed.) Annual Review of Psychology, 56, 235-262.

 DiPietro, J.A., Ghera, M.M., Hawkins, M. & Costigan, K.A. (2004).  Measuring the ups and downs of pregnancy.  Journal of Psychosomatic Obstetrics and Gynecology, 25, 185-201.


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