There are over 32 different types of dolphins. Dolphins are found all over the oceans.  These mammals are a huge part of the ocean environment.  The dolphin population is decreasing because the polluted water and because many people hunt them in certain territories.  Many military based organizations use dolphins to help explore unknown territory and small areas to help them become more educated.  These missions can also be very dangerous as well causing the dolphins to not always be successful. 

Different Types of Dolphins 

bottlenose dolphin 

Bottlenose Dolphin

The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the most famous and well known types of dolphins.  It is called  "bottlenose" because it has a short and stubby beak. They can reach up to 8 - 12 feet long and can weigh as much as 1,430 pounds.  The bottlenose dolphin has more flexibility in his neck because 5 out of 7 vertebra are not fused together. It also has a dorsal fin which is falcate which is located in the middle of its back. They also vary in color ranging from different kinds of gray and blue.


stripped dolphin 

Stripped Dolphin

The stripped dolphins are found all over the world.  They can reach up to about 9 feet in length and weigh about 350 pounds.  These dolphins are easily noticed because of their dark gray stripes down their sides and around their eyes. Their dorsal fin is also falcate and displayed in the middle of their back.  They have a defined beak and a slender body.  Their stripes and colors vary based on what area of the ocean they live in and their environments.


long finned pilot dolphin 

Long Finned Pilot "Whale" Dolphin

The Long Finned Pilot Whale is what it's known for but it is actually classified as a dolphin.  They like to live in more shallow parts of water. You can identify these dolphins because they are jet black or dark grey.  They also have longer fins than most dolphins.  They are also known as pothead whales because their shape is more rounded which reminded people of a pot.  They can grow up to almost 8 feet long and can weigh up to 3.5 tonnes.  They are also known to travel in groups of 100 with only one animal that represents the leader.

risso's dolphin 

Risso's Dolphin

Russo's dolphin is hard to identify from far away because their shape is similar to other dolphins.  However, when up close, they are easy to identify.  This is because they have a squarish shaped head and are covered with different markings all over their body.  They range up to 3.8 meters long and can weigh up to 400 kg.  They vary in color anywhere from dark grey to white.  They have 2 - 7 pairs of teeth just in their lower jaw and usually none in their upper.


white beaked dolphin 

White Beaked Dolphin

The white beaked can grow up to 3.1 meters and is very plump looking.  They are also known as squid-hounds.  They are found in big groups ranging anywhere from 5 - 50.  They are also seen around white sided dolphins and near a couple whales like the finback whale.  They are also attracted to boats and bow ride often.


hour glass dolphin 

Hour Glass Dolphin

The Hour Glass dolphin wasn't classified until 1824.  They are easy to identify because have an hour glass pattern on their sides.  Another common name for these hour glass dolphins are skunk dolphins because they are only white and black.  They usually travel in groups of 7 - 10. They don't often make contact with others, including humans.  


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