Multiple Intelligences


There are 8 different kinds of identified Intelligences.

Each person can have a variety of these at varying degrees.

The Multiple Intelligences are:

Linguistic Intelligence Word Smart
Logical Mathematical Intelligence Number/ Reasoning Smart
Spatial Intelligence Picture Smart
Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence Body Smart
Musical Intelligence Music Smart
Interpersonal Intelligence People Smart
Intrapersonal Intelligence Self Smart
Naturalist Intelligence Nature Smart
You can take a short test HERE to find out with intelligence is your strongest!  

When I took this test I found out that my strongest area was Logical (Number Smart), Interpersonal (People Smart) and Linguistic (Word Smart). This did not surprise me because those are all areas I like to work in.

When a student or teacher know which Multiple Intelligence is the strongest for them, it allows them to work more in that area.

The above test seems to be very accurate if the questions are answered as truthfully as possible, which can provide great and informative results.

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