Federal Legislation:


This is a site that will assist you with the document of the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act.


Here you will find a site dealing with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. This is a law that was just passed in 2004 stating that every children is ensured support services throughout the nation.


State Legislation:


When looking here you will be able to see all of the New York State Standards in each academic area.



This is a website that can help you gain a further understanding on the New York State Regents Board.



Here you will find articles on the New York State Regents Board and find out what people have to say on differing topics.


Local Legislation:  


This site can assist you with gaining a better understanding of the Transitional Education Service Alternative Program (TESA), with an emphasis on functional academics and transition skills.


Here you will find information on a foundation where individuals with disabilities can be contributing members of their community.


 Community Resources:


When looking here you will find the Monroe Boces program and how it serves the needs to students with disabilities. 


This is a site that will assist you to the Children's Advocacy Center and how children are provided adequate support in order to give each individual the quality of life.

Here you will find out information on the Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


Emerging Technologies:



These sites can inform you on some of the new technology that has emerged, which benefit the disabled greatly.


Support Groups/Advocacy:


When looking here you will find a number of support groups from all differing disabilities.





Here are sites that can assist you with any academic work and possible careers.


Adaptive Hardware and Software:



These sites will assist you to many adaptive hardware and software pieces that will benefit those with disabilities.




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