The Solar System Quiz
5th Grade
Answer the following questions, When you are finished with your quiz, print it out and hand it to your teacher. Read carefully and good luck!
1. What do all the planets revolve around?
The Moon
The Sun
The Earth
2. What is so special about the moon?
3. Which Planet is most like the moon?
4. What are some properties of Venus?
Largest Planet
Smallest Planet
Similar in Size to Earth
Brightest Planet

Second planet from the sun
5. What color planet is Earth known as?
6.  Mars has what property like Earth?
7. What special property do Jupiter and Saturn have?
8. Describe how much you would weigh on Uranus
9. Neptune has strong
10. Is Pluto still considered a planet?
It once was a planet
It is not a planet, it is a dwarf planet.

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