If you are unsure of the meaning of a word look here in the Glossary. The words are listed in alphabetical order.

Camouflage- painting or changing something in order for it to be lost in the background. Allows an object to hide from its enemy.

Carbon Dioxide- a colorless, odorless gas in the atmosphere

Colony- a group of organisms of the same kind living or growing together

Condensation- When a gas or vapor turns into water. Ex: When the steam from your shower makes the mirror in your bathroom wet.
Constrict- To make smaller by squeezing

Complex- many parts, complicated

Decompose- to break down, to cause to rot

Convert- To change something into a different form

Distribution- The placement of something, The delivery or passing out of an object

Diverse-  Of a different kind

Ecosystem- A system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms in their environment

Enemies- a person(s) who feels hate towards, harmful to another person

Fragile- breakable, delicate

Fungi- an organic material, for example mushrooms, mold, mildew

Gliders- They are a type of a possum. Click here to read more

Gnat- Any of certain small flies

Ground dwellers- a person or animal that learns to fly from the ground

Herb- a flowering plant whose stem above ground does not get woody

Humid- has a high amount of water vapor, moist air

Industries- ownership of companies and factories.

Litter- the layer of slightly decomposed organic material on the surface of the floor of the forest

Mammal- any warm blooded animal including humans, mammals grow hair

Nectar- The sweet liquid given off of the flower from different plants

Organism- a form of life, plants, animals, and fungus, a living body
Philodendron- climbing tropical American plant, can be a house plant as well

Pollination- To transfer pollen from the anther to the stigma of the flower.

Prayer plants- a plant that has leaves that close up at night

Predator- An organism that preys (eats) on other living things

Rodents- a type of animal like rats, mice, and squirrels. They are known for their nibbling

Salamander- a lizard or other reptile that can live in fire

Species- a group of individuals that have the same common characteristics or qualities

Zebra plant- any several plants that have stripped leaves.


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