The Forest Floor


Forest Floor Forest Floor Forest Floor

The Lowest layer in the Rainforest

There are almost no shrubs in this layer. There is about 0-2% light that reaches the forest floor. There is about 100% humidity. Because of the weather conditions only plants that can survive in deep shade can grow and live here. Moses herbs and fungi live here. The forest floor holds all of the organisms and left over things that turn into useable nutrients. For example on the forest floor a leaf can decompose in about six weeks compared to mild sunny weather where it would take about one year.


In this layer termites, cockroaches, centipedes, millipedes, earthworms, scorpions, live here. They insects use the organic litter on the forest floor as nutrients.  Reptiles also live in this layer. The reptiles hide on logs and in the brush by camouflaging themselves into the scenery. Some reptiles are; lizards, spiny iguana, snakes, frogs, and turtles.


Large mammals also live on the forest floor. This is where Tapirs are. These are one of the biggest mammals in the rainforest. Agoutis' are a big rodent that search through the rainforest floor looking for seeds that have been dropped down from animals in the canopy layer. Jaguars are one of the mammals that are endangered. This means that there are only a few left in the rainforests. Jaguars look for their prey at night but during the day they sit up in the Understory layer. Jaguars are now protected in the new world rainforests.


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