What does RURAL mean?
Rural means country or countryside. People who live in rural communities live in the country.

What is a rural community?
A rural community is set outside of the city and towns. Rural communities are often farm lands. However, a rural community can also be woodland forests, plains, deserts, and prairies.  There are few buildings, businesses, and people in rural communities. In these communities people live far apart from one another. Rural communities are the farthest from urban communities or the city.

Text Box: Desert
Text Box: Woodland Forest

Text Box: Plains

Text Box: Prairie


How many people live in Rural communities?

In 2000, the United States census showed that 59 million people lived in rural communities!


What will I see in an Rural community?

In a rural community there are many farms. You will probably see lots of barns and crops growing. Some crops you might see growing are corn, cotton, wheat, and even cranberries. To produce these crops farmers have to do certain things. You might even see farm animals. Farm animals include: cows, chickens,  pigs, and goats.






How do rural communities help other communities?

What is grown or produced on the farm is often sold to stores like Wegman's. All of the fruits, vegetables, and dairy products such as eggs and milk come from farms. These farms are located in rural communities. Without farmers, we would not have any of the goods that we buy in the grocery store. A good is something that is produce, it is a product or merchandise. Farmers grow crops and then sell them to stores such as Wegman's, Price Right, or Tops. They help our community by providing us with food.

Text Box: Dairy products include: Eggs, Milk, Butter, and Orange Juice
Dairy Products:   

Text Box: Fruits Include: Apples, Oranges, limes, strawberries, cranberries, pears, kiwis, and bananas

However, rural communities benefit us in other ways. They provide us with logging, mining, petroleum, and natural gas. Logging is when tress are cut down and turned into wood. Loggers provide us with wood. Many of our houses are made out of wood. Mining is when you take valuable materials from the earth. Miners often mine for diamonds, gold, limestone, coal, and other natural resources. Petroleum is what we use for gas in our cars and fuel oil. Without these things our communities would not be able to function.

Logging:          Mining:  


Petroleum:       Natural


Where do kids in rural communities go to school?

Kids in the rural community go to the school that are close to their homes. There schools are just like the schools in urban and suburban communities. Students often ride the bus to school.


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