What does suburban mean?
Suburban means a community that is located in areas that are outside of the city or a large town. Another name for a suburban community is the suburbs.

Suburban Community:      

Where do people in suburban communities work?
Many people who live in the suburbs often commute and work in the city.


How do people in the suburbs get to work in the city?
People from the suburbs get to work in many different ways. Some people who live in the suburbs, but drive to the city often drive in cars, take commuter trains, and shuttle buses.



What will I see in a suburban community?
In suburban communities you will see housing subdivisions. Housing subdivisions are made up of single family homes on the same land. They are also known as cul-de-sacs. You will also see office parks or business parks. Not all people who live in the suburbs have to travel to the city for work. Some people also work in business parks. An office park or business park is a smaller building with 4-12 floors containing different business.
In suburbs you will also see many roadways. The roadways in suburban are very important because they allow people to travel throughout the community and into the city.

You will see...          

                                                Housing Subdivisions       Building Parks                 Roadways


What kind of stores are in suburban communities?
In suburban communities there are stores that are called retail stores. Retail stores include things such as strip malls, shopping malls, big-box stores,  and chain restaurants. These stores are big stores that have different items to buy inside of them. An example of a retail store would be Wal-Mart.




What kind of animals would I see in a Suburban Community?
In a suburban community you would see cats, dogs, squirrels, different kinds of birds such as blue-jays.

Where do kids go to school in suburban communities?
Kids who live in suburban communities go to schools that are near their homes. There schools are just like schools in Urban and Rural community, however they are often desired because of their high standards. To get to school students living in suburban communities take the bus or even walk.



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