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“Inside GC/MS” microreactor

1st Semester Organic CHEM201

Joseph LaPenna

2015.10.10. Max Wilder has started collaboration with the University of Milano, Italy on computational modeling of potassium location on anatase surfaces.


2015.10.01. Materials studio computational package obtained thanks to Fisher research funds and the Chemistry chair Dr. Kris Lantzky support!


2015.06.19. Tom DiProspero made an oral presentation on the “Catalytic condensation of ketones with carboxylic acidsat the international conference, 24th NACS Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.


2015.04.15. US Patent 9,005,422 has been granted on the “Electrochemical process for the preparation of nitrogen fertilizers” in collaboration with Dr. J. Jiang and T.R. Aulich (UND).


Older news

Ignatchenko, A.V.; Deraddo, J.S.; Marino, V.J.; Mercado, A. Cross-Selectivity in the catalytic ketonization of carboxylic acids. Applied Catal. A: General, 498, 10-24, 2015.

Ignatchenko, A.V.; Kozliak, E.I. Distinguishing Enolic and Carbonyl Components in the mechanism of Carboxylic Acid Ketonization on Monoclinic Zirconia. ACS Catal. 2, 1555–1562, 2012.

Ignatchenko, A.V.; Density Functional Theory Study of Carboxylic Acids Adsorption and Enolization on Monoclinic Zirconia Surfaces, J. Phys. Chem. C, 115 (32), 16012–16018, 2011.

Ignatchenko, A.; Nealon, D.; Dushane, R.; Humphries, K. Interaction of Water with Titania and Zirconia Surfaces. J. Mol. Catal. A 256, 57–74, 2006.

Decarboxylation of carboxylic acids

2nd Semester Organic CHEM202

Thomas J. DiProspero

Applied computations

Maxwell Wilder

Pesticide synthesis

Advanced Organic CHEM432, offered only in Spring, sign up in Fall, space limited to 10

Heni Patel

Ammonia synthesis

Ben Reinhardt


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Olivia Fraser



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   Group photo in October 2015

If you are a Fisher student interested in doing research, we need to talk!

There are many opportunities for you in

·        organic synthesis, preparation of catalysts,

·        surface chemistry, reaction mechanisms,

·        chemical engineering, reaction kinetics, 

·        applied computational chemistry,

·        statistical analysis, and applied math.

Choose almost anything you want depending on your talents and interests!

You may wish to explore current projects on this site or stop by my office for a discussion.


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